Saturday, 2 November 2013


Kawasaki's, I've got 2 of them, the first one is the naked, (rusted), green GPZ at the bottom, I love this bike, it hasn't been fired up in over 10 years, it could be started with a Honda key, the brakes were hilarious and is worth the square root of fack all, but I love it still.  It was my first big bike after a Rotax powered CCM army despatch bike, I loved the easy linear power of it, and when I bought my second bike a ZX6R J1, I rode it like the GPZ, where I should have been screaming the tits off it, doh!!!  Anyway I haven't got rid of it yet, despite the ever growing protests of my parents, (its their drive it currently resides on).  One day when the stars of time and money are aligned it shall be back on the road, with some nice fireblade forks, a Racefit Legend exhaust, a Stax clock, maybe, and possibly a .new rear end.


  1. Wild Jan, I was working at the local Kwaka dealership when the wee ZX6 hit the floor, it was such a killer bike, perfectly balanced, super compact and stacks of oomph, get your motor running laddy !!!!

    1. I will Whitey, once I've paid off my evil evil credit card, in a few months time.