Thursday, 30 April 2015

Stoned Jesus - "Black Woods"

I stumbled on this band Stoned Jesus, via a dirt bike video on YouTube, I was thinking, it sounds like Ozzy and Sabbath, but I don't recognise the song, so I waited for the credits, and this is what I found.  I think they sound great, and the weirdest bit is they're from the Ukraine...............................

Friday, 17 April 2015

When the sun comes out.............RAJO

 Essential driving attire, GOGGLES!!
 Didn't notice until someone pointed out, but all the screw heads are finished in the same orientation, real attention to detail.
 Four pedals, count 'em FOUR!!!!!!

 I always thought there was a needle in these bonnet mounted temperature gauges, but its an actual real life thermometer!!

It's amazing what appears when the sun comes out, take for instance, this RAJO, (never heard of them before), but they made race cars in the '20s and '30s using model T running gear and block, (but with a RAJO head).  This particular one was owned by a local engineer, who popped by as he was passing, complete with mad windswept white hair!!  It was a lovely car, and the attention to detail, and quality of the workmanship were very impressive.  It made a great spectacle as he zoomed off, the same could not be said for the Vauxhall Corsa that left after him, (it seems cars might have lost a bit of character...............)

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

BMW R1200RT, (not the courtesy bike of the apocalypse)

 buttons, buttons, buttons, oh and buttons.
 Never seen a bike with central locking!!!!!
My brother had to drop off his 1996 BMW RT at the dealers this morning, and he was given this courtesy bike, the bang up to date version of his bike!!!!, its a beast, I've never seen so many buttons on a bike, the left hand grip is covered in buttons for the stereo, including the volume control, (the knobbly ring next to the grip), and the right hand grip has buttons for CENTRAL LOCKING!!!, (the panniers I'm guessing), and a mode button for engine mapping I think.  The dash has every bit of info you could possibly need, but the thing that struck me was the throttle response, absolutely instant, no play or slack, just really crisp and light, and then I realized its probably "fly by wire", never experienced a fly by wire throttle.  I can see why people use these things for touring, they just make eating up the miles so easy, bit of a lump though, just look at the mass of the fairing!!  Anyway its lightyears away from the courtesy bike I had last week, but I know which one I'd prefer, ;-) .

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Aberdare Park National Road Races

Finally found the leaflet, this looks great, didn't know anything about it until I was given this leaflet on the stand with the shiny shiny 2 strokes featured in the first Shepton Mallet post.