Tuesday, 19 November 2013

BSH extreme, more from indoors

 Thanks to my cameras crapness, I managed to get a great photo, (IMHO), of the crowd streaming by, with the bike stock still.
 I believe the above bike used to belong to a bloke called Dodge, who is a wheelie loon, I remember seeing this bike in Streetfighters, a long time ago, even today, it looks great, no badass skulls or such nonsense, just everything paired down, BOSH!!

Plumbing nightmare!!

 Brilliant cockpit!!
 Don't know if that fairing is an original, but if it is, I imagine the phrase "hens teeth" comes to mind.

 Another Dodge wheelie bike.

 A winning combination.
 "Interesting" tank, and heameroid friendly seat.

 What more do you need.
 One little Indian.

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