Monday, 6 October 2014

Hartland Quay Hillclimb, 05/10/14

 View from the pits/ start.
 Let it all hang
 I take my hat off to the bloke on the beamer, really tidy, clean bog standard road bike, (his pride and joy judging by how spotless it was!), tape up the lights and take it racing!!!

 The start, just infront of the ladies.
 right side.
 left side, (brave man!!)

 sidecar madness!!

 Racebike of the day for me, of particular note is the hessian sack drip tray.

 Need more holes!!
Novel use of a lot of pool balls.

Friday, 3 October 2014

Not bikes

Cassette boy Vs The Bloody Apprentice

A few more from Donington

 Couldn't work out why this bloke had a knee slider on his butt, then I realised he must be the passenger of a sidecar outfit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


 This Honda was parked in a corner of the pavillion, and worth a couple of hundred grand, but don't worry, it was behind "the rope"