Saturday, 9 January 2016

Dirtquake 4

Well the summer of 2015 was a non starter, mainly due to work, and lots/ too much, of it, but despite that I managed to get to Dirtquake 4 in Kings Lynn.  I live in Cornwall, (the far South Westof the UK), and Kings Lynn is situated about as far East in the UK as you can possibly go, it took me about 7 hours to get there, whereas some competitors from Holland only took 3.5 hours, (INCLUDING THE FERRY!!!!!), anyway I made it there, with a brand new tent, (which I erected but didn't sleep in), and a brand new air mattress that had a hole in it, whence I slept in the car, (I hate camping).  The campsite was just a field opposite the race track, but what was parked in that field was top class, as the next few photos will demonstrate, I hope!

Thursday, 17 December 2015

Royal Enfield J 500cc

During the summer the village held a bikeshow to raise money for charity, there was a ride out through the English countryside in the sunshine, (which is always nice), followed by a bikeshow afterwards, of which I was asked to be a judge, (more on that in another post).  This Royal Enfield was ridden by a friend of a friend, and apparently its one of only two in the world, the other being in New Zealand.  The story goes that just as Royal Enfield started to build this model they received an order for bikes for the military, just as things were ramping up for the second world war.  The bike belonged to the present owners grandfather, who started to rebuild it with his son, but when the grandfather passed away, the father lost interest, and the bike disappeared into the attic for many years, until the grandson found it and recently rebuilt it, the rideout to the bikeshow was its first proper ride since being rebuilt!!  It was a real show stealer, just so well finished, but ready to use.

Friday, 11 December 2015

Road Bomber by Bad Seeds Motorcycle Club

Oh my!!!, when I saw this bike on the 100Cavalli blog I got very excited!!, the whole bike is a beast, but what I love the most is that seat unit, which I can see on my GPZ900R, if and when I drag it out of a hedge, apparently its from a CB900 Bold'Or, let the scouring begin!!!

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Wings & Wheels 2015

Wings & Wheels, Dunsfold airfield 2015.  A friend of mine has a deep and undying love for the Vulcan Bomber, (a big delta wing death machine designed to deliver nuclear nastiness at the drop of the hat).  2015 was the last year that the Vulcan could fly, there just isn't the knowledge to certify that its still airworthy anymore, its too complicated, and was only built 5 years after the Lancaster bomber!!!  Anyway my friend emmigrated a few years ago to the penal colonies, but he came back, one of the reasons being to see the Vulcan fly before it was grounded permanently.  It was going to make an appearance at Wings & Waves, at Dunsfold Airfield, (home of the Top Gear Test Track no less), but unfortunately it was a no show, due to bad weather at its base. On the plus side there was this lovely Ford Anglia sleeper, (not sure whether "sleeper" is appropriate due to the fuck big rear wheels on show).

Now I know its a free country and all, but when you see someone kneeling down, pointing a camera, clearly about to take a photo, its always a common courtesy to just wait, let them take the photo, and then carry on.  I just gave up, and took the photo anyway, nice boots.

Monday, 7 December 2015


Where to start, the lack of posts hasn't been because of a heady jet set life, probably just down to boring old bastard work, and life, and no time, bla bla bla, but now I will try and give myself a kick up the backside, and start posting again. Good luck everyone.
Now I remember, I went to Dirt Quake.
and I had to be the judge at our village bikeshow, (no pressure!!)

Saturday, 6 June 2015

Gas'd Rat

Don't think I've posted these before, from a couple of years back.  Other than the headlight, its perfect; lovely stance, uncluttered design and well made, (i.e. the mad front brake set up!!)

Long Forks