Monday, 4 May 2015

Paignton Bike Festival 2015, Root Beer Bobber

Went up to Paignton, (its on the English riviera don't you know!), bike festival on Friday night, and one of the first bikes I saw was this, The Root Beer Bobber, which I'm pretty sure was featured in Back Street Heroes last year, very clean and simple with nice lines.  I think the owner is a deep sea diver, whence the "going down to stay afloat". I was on the COURTESY BIKE OF THE APOCALYPSE, and on the way home I went through Saltash tunnel, this tunnel is not very long, but it is 3 lanes wide, and the acoustics are fantastic if you're on something LOUD.  Coming the other way was a softtop porsche thingy, and as he came into the tunnel he gave the throttle a few healthy blips to enjoy the noise, I felt obliged to answer him by doing the same with the throttle of the COURTESY BIKE OF THE APOCALYPSE, I won.

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