Wednesday, 8 April 2015

BMW R1200RT, (not the courtesy bike of the apocalypse)

 buttons, buttons, buttons, oh and buttons.
 Never seen a bike with central locking!!!!!
My brother had to drop off his 1996 BMW RT at the dealers this morning, and he was given this courtesy bike, the bang up to date version of his bike!!!!, its a beast, I've never seen so many buttons on a bike, the left hand grip is covered in buttons for the stereo, including the volume control, (the knobbly ring next to the grip), and the right hand grip has buttons for CENTRAL LOCKING!!!, (the panniers I'm guessing), and a mode button for engine mapping I think.  The dash has every bit of info you could possibly need, but the thing that struck me was the throttle response, absolutely instant, no play or slack, just really crisp and light, and then I realized its probably "fly by wire", never experienced a fly by wire throttle.  I can see why people use these things for touring, they just make eating up the miles so easy, bit of a lump though, just look at the mass of the fairing!!  Anyway its lightyears away from the courtesy bike I had last week, but I know which one I'd prefer, ;-) .

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