Thursday, 12 February 2015

Bristol Classic Motorcycle Show. Part 1

Funny isn't it, I haven't been to or near Bristol in ages, and then last week in the space of 3 days I go up twice, firstly on thursday to see DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist do an insane set on 6 decks using the vinyl from Afrika Bambatas' personal collection, and then on Sunday to go to the Bristol Classic Motorcycle Show, (technically in Shepton Mallet, but who's counting).  I've never been before, so I didn't know what to expect, but the signs were looking good, the weather was perfect, almost too sunny!!
 One of the first things I found was a small marquee littered with racebikes, it was promoting a racetrack in Wales that is holding an event in mid June, (must find leaflet).  The bike above is a TZ 250, (I think), in a Spondon frame. 

 Carbon weave in bright sunlight!!  Just noticed the tyre is on the wrong way round, does it matter with a slick, only if its asymetrical I suppose.
Nice hue of blue.
'mmmm Spondon.
 This was another very shiny shiny 2 stroke, but of the 500cc variety.
 Each bell mouth for the carbs had a really fine screen across it to stop the injestion of crud I guess, I've seen metal mesh used before, but never anything that fine.
 Why paint that yoke?
 As well as the stinkwheels, there were a few 4 strokes too, including this in your face ZX6R road racer, check out the SCREENS!!!  In the background there are 3 blokes who were breaking down a brand new ZX10, to be shipped out and prepared for racing.
Road racers; lockwiring and ignition keys!!

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